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Giving wood and upholstered furniture the care needed to both restore its appearance and afford many more years of service are the promise and mission of Renaissance Custom Upholstery. We have fulfilled these pledges through over 30 years of service to residential, design trade and commercial clients – committing ourselves to providing high-quality craftsmanship in a timely, dependable manner at a fair price.

Led by master craftsman Jose Espinoza, Renaissance Custom Upholstery is a family-run business dedicated to the creation, repair and restoration of beautiful, quality furniture. We began by constructing one piece of furniture at a time to standards that met and exceeded our client’s expectation. We work to those same high standards even today. Our highly skilled technicians construct every item from beginning to end, and every item is thoroughly inspected before delivery.

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Quality Upholstery and Furniture Care Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

We know that manufactured product lines do not resolve specific design needs. That’s where Renaissance Custom Upholstery can step in to create the items your design vision calls for. The experienced craftsmen at Renaissance Custom Upholstery can handle all your furniture needs from a simple repair to complete refinishing, reupholstering or fabrication of custom furniture. With 5 craftsmen representing over 80 years of accumulated experience, we possess and deliver the skills that your job requires.

Reupholstery and Restoration Has Advantages!

Do you have an antique or furniture with sentimental value? Renaissance Custom Upholstery can preserve and update it to perfectly fit into your life today. Here are five advantages to consider for reupholstery or restoration of your furniture.


People’s styles change over time. New preferences for color, patterns or design come into play. It can also be that children and/or pets are now in the home so that durability and maintenance are issues. These are not reasons a good piece of furniture should be sold or sent to the landfill.

If you’re redecorating your home or business and facing new color changes, design needs or just want a more contemporary look reupholstery is likely to be your easiest, most efficient and cost-effective solution. Renaissance Custom Upholstery will help you discover the right fabric and wood finishing treatments for your project.



We often have clients that realize some of their older furniture is still in great shape except for the fabric or styling. The original quality construction is much better and has lasted longer than some of their newer pieces. This is not a surprise as before manufacturers were forced to cut corners in quality to compete with mass-produced furniture, older furniture was built with superior quality, materials and all together better workmanship.

Older pieces were typically made with coil springs and hardwood frames that are doweled and glued. Today, furniture is frequently made using rubber straps or zigzag coils instead of spring coils, and staples are used on frames. Renaissance Custom Upholstery will help you determine the quality of construction of your furniture then transform it so that it has many more years of service.


A major reason for reupholstering furniture is purely sentimental. That chair, sofa or loveseat is a favorite piece of furniture where many memories were made. Or, perhaps, you inherited the piece from your mother, grandmother or someone special in your life. Sometimes, everyone in the family just loves the piece, including the dog!

Many of our clients contend that they restore a family heirloom, or update a special piece that brings precious moments back in mind, do so to hand it down from generation to generation. Updating an old collectible for your home or business for sentimental reasons can also create a wonderful conversation piece for years to come. Renaissance Custom Upholstery will help you maintain the unique individuality of a piece, or turn an old look into a new exiting design statement.


You’ve heard the expression, “they just don’t build things as well as they used to.” Sadly, most new furniture fits this billing. While it looks nice in the store, it is not built as well as furniture from even just a generation ago. For the most part, it will not stand the test of time. Consumers are the root cause of this situation inasmuch as their purchase patterns guide the new furniture industry when it comes to price.

Using cheaper frame construction, cheaper fabric, cheaper foam, cheaper and less padding, etc. usually achieve profitability for the furniture manufacturer. The latest trend has seen production move to offshore factories to further reduce costs, particularly labor costs. The consequence of this is that while new furniture may be cheaper – it may not be worth what you pay for it in terms of poor durability and lifespan.

When a quality furniture piece is reupholstered you should expect to receive at least 15 to 20 years of use, assuming normal wear and tear. Renaissance Custom Upholstery will help you maximize your return on investment when you reupholster or restore your quality furniture.


It may seem easiest to simply discard old and worn furniture that no longer serves your needs. However, when you reupholster furniture you not only bring it new life but also cut down on waste and further resource use. Fewer trees need to be cut down and less new steel needs to be made. In addition, new furniture construction uses massive amounts of raw materials from across the globe, including tropical hardwoods, production energy and transport costs.

Reupholstery recycles furniture into new life with less environmental impact. Materials tend to be ‘GREEN’, including soy-based bio-hybrid urethane foams and recycled Polyester Dacron components for padding and cushion wrapping. Many fabric companies today use recycled fiber and/or natural fibers to make new fabric and others use environmentally friendly processes to dye their yardage. Renaissance Custom Upholstery is committed to working with you to both improve the beauty and comfort of your surroundings and advance the health of planet Earth.

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