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Renaissance Custom Upholstery has been serving residential, interior design and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years.

Our skilled team of professionals is ready to assist you whether you want a sofa reupholstered, draperies constructed, restaurant booths fabricated, an antique restored, a chair repurposed, or more.

Master craftsman Jose Espinoza and his team strive to deliver timeliness, quality and value on every project assignment. These are the three reasons we receive so much referral work within our community, as well as from the design industry and businesses. We’re proud of the long-lasting professional relationships we have forged with our clients.

Renaissance Custom Upholstery is by no means the least expensive, as we do not cut corners. However, the caliber of our workmanship and the materials we use will last longer and therefore are a better value. We also offer custom furniture design to create that one-of-a-kind piece for your home or business, from beds to ottomans, sofas to banquettes, sound panels to club chairs.


Renaissance Custom Upholstery offers professional consultation with estimates to help you make a quality choice and selection for your home or business. Our timely turnaround and pick up/delivery service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area are hallmarks of our upholstery business. All of our work is guaranteed because we stand behind our standard of quality.

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Renaissance Custom Upholstery offers reliable, high-quality reupholstery and furniture care services to you, our interior design partner. We respect your relationship with your client and work with you behind the scenes to meet the expectations and deadlines of each of your clients. Our craftsmen are expert in all aspects of furniture restoration, wood refinishing, fabric selection, repairs, new furniture fabrication, drapery and upholstery. The goal of Renaissance Custom Upholstery is to make the furniture assignments of your commission effortless for you.

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Renaissance Custom Upholstery offers professional and business establishments – restaurants, lounges, stadiums, retail shops, movie theaters, medical/dental facilities, etc. – efficient, superior and competitively-priced upholstery, repair, restyling, refinishing and furniture care services, including on-site capabilities. We will help you select durable materials that create a specific ambiance or mood and our workmanship ensures that your furniture will hold up, even with extensive use. Renaissance Custom Upholstery is an ideal vendor for corporations, institutional clients, country clubs, and government agencies – with the experience and capacity to handle volume, large and specialized projects.

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Renaissance Custom Upholstery has earned a reputation for excellence over the past 30 years, enhanced by establishing clear lines of communication with each client. We begin by talking with  you about your wants, needs and expectations for the piece or pieces of furniture you would like to have reupholstered, restored, restyled or created. We’ll walk you through different fabric options and provide a quote for your job. We can also arrange pick-up and delivery of your furniture if it is too large for you to move.

Once your furniture is in our shop we strip it down to the frame and check it for re-gluing, tightening or adding real wood if necessary. We will also restore and/or refinish wood at this point. Next we’ll determine if we need to retie or replace springs and add new padding as part of our rebuilding of your upholstered piece. Our last production step is to recover your furniture with the fabric you selected, adding decorative trims and brass nails as desired. Finally, we can deliver your newly designed furniture to your home or establishment. Renaissance Custom Upholstery helps you revive your quality furniture and reduce waste, applying craftsmanship techniques that have been used for hundreds of years.


Jose Espinoza established Renaissance Custom Upholstery in 1987 following a decade working his way through the trade from a laborer all the way up to Supervisor/General Manager of a major furniture manufacturer. Jose learned from the ground up the traditional furniture fabrication and upholstery techniques that have withstood the tests of time. While many things in the world have changed, including new fabrics and materials, quality upholstery still requires real craftsmanship using hand skills and eye coordination to produce quality bespoke results. His artistic mastery and passion for the trade show in all of his pieces. His knowledge of the trade is a rare find!


Bernabe Espinoza oversees business development, project management and quality control for Renaissance Custom Upholstery. He learned the upholstery trade at his dad’s side, working after classes ended during high school and on Saturdays. Before joining his dad full time, Bernabe spent several years working as a QA/QC Special Inspector on large scale construction and retrofit projects. He also served in the armed forces.


Xochitl Espinoza handles the payroll and accounting for Renaissance Custom Upholstery. Like her brother Bernabe, Xochitl started in the business after her high school class day ended. She has earned financial and administration certification that affords her the skills and knowledge required to masterfully oversee the multiple client and vendor accounts of a busy upholstery firm.

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